Saudi scholarship student gains US university honor

Abdullah Al-Zeer

Saudi Gazette report

Saudi scholarship student Abdullah Al-Zeer has been chosen among the most important 50 personalities in Indiana Purdue University in Indianapolis in the US. He has become the first Arab student to obtain this honor since the university was established.

According to Makkah daily on Tuesday, the top personalities are chosen by the staff, students and employees of the university which is one of the leading institution of higher learning in the US in regard to its rating and the number of enrolled students.

Al-Zeer was chosen among the most outstanding personalities in appreciation of his continuous efforts in the social voluntary work in the city of Indianapolis in general and the university in particular.

He worked hard to revive student activities since he had joined the university in 2012 to complete his Ph.D degree in medical data.

Al-Zeer was the spokesman of the Saudi students' club, before becoming an administrative consultant and finally chairman during 2016-17.

The club has topped all the students' clubs in the Indianapolis in 2017.

In partnership with a number of local parties, the club was able to implement more than 170 student activities including the establishment of the Saudi council, a house for Ramadan iftar and a soccer competition.

During the chairmanship of Al-Zeer, the club compiled an academic directory in Arabic language for the new Saudi and Arab students.