Makkah summits


Makkah recently hosted Muslims from across the world for three historic summits — Gulf, Arab and Islamic — to discuss the volatile situation in the region, especially amid growing concern over the prospect of a war between the United States and Iran.

As tensions mount, it’s about time for a transparent and fair investigation to uncover supporters of the terrorist and outlawed organizations, and those who are the proponents of the takfiri ideology as they are the ones who have brought the region to the brink of a war and they are responsible for the displacement of hundreds of thousands of innocent people in the region.

Today the issues are no longer ambiguous as they are now out in the open. Therefore, Saudi Arabia has called for a unified regional stance against Iran, forcing Tehran to abide by international laws and conventions, respect the neighboring countries and stop interfering in their internal affairs.

Iran must immediately and completely end its support to terrorists and militias and thwart their continuous efforts to develop and possess an atomic bomb and stop their blackmail and threat to international maritime navigation, jeopardizing international trade.

Diplomacy is an important tool for shaping public opinion, and Saudi Arabia has a long history, legacy and tradition in pressing and presenting its issues in an effective manner.

Makkah being the venue and holding the summits during the last ten days of Ramadan had a great symbolic value and it reflected the wisdom of the leadership to rally the support of great majority of the Muslim world to send a moral message to the Iranian regime that it needs to take responsibility for the volatile situation in the region and acknowledge its role in spreading terrorism and violence.

The three summits served as a rational appeal to denounce terrorism in which invitations were made to everyone without exception. It may be the last opportunity for all of us to make the most of it, taking lessons from the history.

Today, Iran faces its greatest challenge. The future of the clerical regime is at stakes as it faces growing political division, deepening economic crisis as a result of crippling sanctions. It also faces accusations of its continuous support to terrorism, which it is now finding difficult to sustain.

The three Makkah summits in which Saudi Arabia called for a unified position from its participants against Iran by proving all accusations by evidence and telling Tehran that the ball is in its court now. Do you want to continue with your old way and live in perpetual denial or mend your ways? A bitter but clear choice.

Some of the summits conferences throughout history have been pivotal and have contributed to changing the course of things as a result of their decisions, policies and serious positions.

Today, Saudi Arabia recognizes the importance of the historic moment and wants to create a collective position on the question of Iran and its shenanigans. Iran has reaped the fruits of its sectarian project and now it is trying to export the revolution in the region, which is causing the unrest in the region.