LuLu Mango Mania 2019 Saudi Arabia opens

Eng. Ibrahim Al Bidha, Deputy Manager of the Ministry of Environment Water Branch in Riyadh Region, cuts the ceremonial ribbon during the inaugural of LuLu Mango Mania 2019 on Wednesday at LuLu Riyadh Avenue Mall Murabba.

RIYADH/DAMMAM/JEDDAH — LuLu Mango Mania 2019 with a specially picked collection of more than 50 varieties from different countries, among the star of the show is 25 varieties of locally produced mangos form Jazan, presents a wide diversity of choices with vibrant hues of green, yellow and orange.

The promotion was inaugurated by Eng. Ibrahim Al Bidha, Deputy Manager of the Ministry of Environment Water Branch in Riyadh Region yesterday (May 29) at LuLu Riyadh Avenue Mall Murabba. This edition of the LuLu Mango Mania, Saudi Arabia has an abundant range of mangoes sourced from across the continents. The annual summer festival that celebrates the king of fruits will be till June 4 at all LuLu branches in Saudi Arabia.

As expected, the popular Saudi grown varieties like the Thoomi, Hindi, Silestation, Gilenth, Americi, Sinnara, Sibdha Pakistani, Thailandi, Bulmar, Juli, Fajarjilan, Samak, Lankara,Birbir, Bombay, Geeih, Zill, Sudan & Sibdha are all on show. The selection sourced from India, Kenya, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Yemen, Brazil, Vietnam, Ivory Coast, Uganda, Mexico and Sri Lanka has also been well received, making it the preferred choice among fruits in Saudi Arabia.

‘’LuLu Mango Mania 2019 is expected to be a runaway success as always. Every year, we try to bring in a wow factor to spice up the promo. This year, the addition of an organic range adds a new perspective to the offerings. The local producers need to be complimented on their concerted effort and have contributed substantially to make this event such a success,” LuLu management added.

During the Mango Mania, the stores will have sampling booths where shoppers can get a taste of the different delicacies and shoppers can stop by a unique selection of mango-based items and engage in some indulgence of this fruit. The fest also offers various processed and packed mango products ranging from jams, pickles, pulps, chutneys and cakes to a widespread variety of different products. The Mango Mania 2019 is another reason to celebrate the season and with Ramadan, the mangoes will add a new dimension to the iftar spread.

LuLu Group has always turned out to be a one-stop shop for the multi-ethnic community of the region with an international assortment of products catering to the tastes and preferences of every customer.

Through innovative offers, LuLu aims to give its customers something new and exciting to look forward to every time they shop. Understanding shoppers’ needs and providing them with quality products at fair prices have always remained the secret behind the success of the group throughout the world. — SG