Expanding digitally

Ekleel Sallam

Nowadays, news covers all aspects of daily events that attract the attention of people of all generations across the world. Since newspapers have been established the printed edition has been significant, but with the rise of technology and social media, the importance of the printed edition has declined and has become outdated.

Saudi Gazette is and will continue to be the leading English language newspaper of Saudi Arabia by expanding digitally to reach a more global audience.

The dissemination of news has changed and a digital platform will make it possible to reach an international audience with the true image of Saudi society.

With the transformation of a more collaborative website, Saudi Gazette will emerge as a true source for Saudi news for the world. In addition, more engaging and up-to-date news, articles and analysis will be available online daily on our website www.saudigazette.com.sa and social media sites.

The author is a Saudi political analyst specialized in International Relations. She can be reached at: ekleel.sallam@hotmail.com Twitter: @EkleelBS