Pakistan is on upward trajectory of progress & development


PAKISTAN is celebrating the 79th anniversary of Pakistan Resolution adopted on March 23, 1940. This resolution laid down the foundation for creation of Pakistan. Through this resolution, the dynamic and visionary leaders of Pakistan movement gave hope to the Muslims of the subcontinent of a separate homeland — a land where they would be free to practice their religion, express their views, get justice and lead a life as per their wishes.

Today, by the grace of Allah, Pakistan is making steady progress in all spheres of life. Our country has been through many challenges over the past 70 years, but with strong support and resilience of our people, Pakistan has been put on the upward and irreversible trajectory of progress and development.

The Pakistani community in the Kingdom has played valuable role in development of Kingdom as well as Pakistan. They feel proud to be part of development in the Kingdom, a place which is close to their hearts and which houses the two holiest places of Muslims in the world.

Our relations with Saudi Arabia are moving towards new horizons. Recently we have seen a number of high level bilateral visits which have further cemented the bonds of friendship. We are thankful to Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Salman and the Crown Prince Muhammad Bin Salman for taking the relations between the two brotherly countries to higher levels.

On the celebration of this historic day, I would reiterate the commitment of the government and the people of Pakistan, to the development and prosperity of our two countries and for further deepening of the relations. Pakistan and Saudi Arabia have always stood by each other in difficult times and will continue to stay together in the years to come.

Long live Pakistan;

Long live Pak-Saudi Friendship.

Raja Ali Ejaz

Ambassador of Pakistan