Where are you going this evening?



Years ago not many people asked this question. It was more common before society turned conservative and the limited entertainment sources we had four decades ago were banned. We had an opportunity to watch movies at a sports clubs or at outdoor venues that functioned as movie theaters. You could easily rent a movie and a projector and you could also attend a concert here and there. You could see a play on certain occasions, or enjoy folklore shows from Arab and non-Arab communities. All of that disappeared. The question “Where are you going this evening?” was not even possible unless you read it in the newspaper of countries that Saudis visited for tourism.

Nowadays, this question is being asked again in Saudi society, with the variety of entertainment options available in most parts of the country. Okaz newspaper published an entire page about the cinema with the times that movies are being shown. Bookings in Jeddah are full since the launch of the cinema. In addition to that, you can enjoy concerts and other entertaining shows in King Abdullah Economic City or go to Al-Ula to watch international shows or spend the weekend in a family resort. I’m certain that the question “Where are you going this evening?” will now be found in newspapers and advertisements.

Normal life has returned and people need entertainment. There may be some difficulties at first, but in the end, it will all seem natural, just like many other things before.