Expand Saudi radio stations



When radio broadcasting began in the Kingdom, it had a significant impact on Saudi society. People had access to radio inside or outside their homes, in the fields, in factories and in stores. People could listen to the radio in their cars and on other forms of transportation. Its coverage was widespread and it provided national and international news.

Today there are radio stations that specialize in specific areas, such as religion, news, culture, music, women’s affairs, children, sports, etc. The radio plays a major role in national security, the dissemination of knowledge and in different art forms, entertainment and general awareness.

Because of the importance of the radio, UNESCO has made the 13th of February each year a day to celebrate and highlight the history of radio and its service to people. The date was chosen because it is the anniversary of the launch of United Nations Radio in 1946.

Today, despite the development of communication by means of television, websites and other programs, the radio still maintains its presence, because it is close to people and able to overcome all barriers and distance to reach them no matter what their culture or level of education may be.

Therefore, this is an invitation to the Ministry of Media, businessmen and investors to expand our local radio stations so that each region has its own station, highlighting its culture and heritage. This would be a good way to communicate with people and to raise their awareness of different issues.

I also think that it is very important for the Ministry of Media to launch radio broadcasting to all continents and in different languages. Our homeland needs to reach other communities in order to set the record straight about defamation campaigns facing the country.

Twitter: @aaljamili