American Products Festival at Manuel Supermart thrives

At the inaugural ceremony


US Consul General in Jeddah Ryan Gliha, along with Manuel Market’s CEO Khaled Aldarwish, and Chairman Abdulilah Aldarwish, inaugurated the 2019 American Products Festival at the Manuel Supermarket, Stars Avenue Mall branch. Manuel Market is a luxury upscale and unique specialty supermarket synonymous with sophistication, high quality, cleanliness, refined living, and a healthy lifestyle. It currently has branches in Jeddah, Jubail, and coming soon to Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

The American Products Festival is a weeklong event that ended on Tuesday. The festival campaign includes in-store promotions, a dedicated media and social networks communication campaign, as well as in-store activities to promote American products offered in Manuel Supermarkets. The event showcases the wide range of products directly sourced from various companies in the United States.

These include great tasting and healthy foods shipped directly to Saudi Arabia, including nuts, dairy products, fruit, beef and health foods. The sale of American products in Saudi Arabia continues to be strong with over$ 32 billion in trade in 2018 between the two countries, with numbers expected to grow even higher this year. — SG