Shell Lubricants offers services to ‘Uber’ partners

Services for Uber partners aimed at supporting sustainable transport plans

RIYADH — Shell Lubricants Saudi Arabia announced the launch of its first steps of supporting Uber partners through its “Shell Fastlube” service centers throughout Saudi Arabia.

Shell Fastlube” service centers will offer distinctive services to “Uber” partners in the first step, followed by similar steps in the future, which reflect the strategy of Shell Lubricants Saudi Arabia for upgrading its marketing activities and create new innovations.

The announcement of the new services came with the success of the event held by “Uber” under the name of “Uber Town” for their partners who have succeeded in getting the highest rating by the end consumers, and implemented the applications’ programs with high accuracy, as well as the keen desire of Shell Lubricants Saudi Arabia to contribute in supporting of their motorists aiming at developing public transport plans in the Kingdom.

Mohamed Al Bezra, General Manager of Industrial and Retail Sales in Shell Lubricants Saudi Arabia, expressed his pleasure for this step of supporting and assisting “Uber” aiming at upgrading of sustainable transport in the Kingdom by providing distinctive services through “Shell Fastlube” service center throughout Saudi Arabia, and contribute to the success of public transport service in the Kingdom.

“Shell Fastlube” service centers offer various services for “Uber” partners, including, quick engine and brakes check-up, after sales counseling, engine oil change using “Shell Helix” motor oils such as ULTRA, HX7 HX8, HX5, HX3. In addition to the oil change, “Shell Fastlube” offers genuine and authorized spare parts which fit all petrol cars engines, along with 12 free maintenance check-ups. — SG