Good news from Africa!


It is a surprise when joyful news comes from one of the least expected places. This has been the case recently as Africa has amazed the world with news that erases the familiar stereotype about the continent. No country in Africa has been more of a symbol of financial and political corruption than the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Now, the results of the presidential election have been announced and opposition leader Felix Tshisekedi has been declared president. The Congo has witnessed a stunning and sound democratic transition in government.

The continent known for its military coups has recently seen the failure of a coup attempt in the Republic of Gabon, which was stopped by the institutions of the state and its ruling system, including the military, which has upheld the government of the legitimate ruler. The African continent in a very short time has witnessed a tremendous move toward ballot boxes and good governance and away from coups.

The latest report from the continent indicates that Mauritanian President Mohamed Ben Abdel Aziz has decided to respect the constitution and to serve only a single presidential term, which is news that Mauritanians have received with great joy.

Of course, the problems of the continent have not ended. There are still places full of violence and terrorism and the presence of groups such as Al-Qaeda, Al-Shabab, Boko Haram and Hezbollah. These terrorist groups continue to kill and abduct innocent people. Pockets of corruption, tribalism, fanaticism and ignorance continue to exist throughout the continent.

While the mayor of Lagos, Nigeria, Africa’s largest city, struggles with corruption, Ethiopia is dusting itself off in an attempt to become a new tiger in the African economy and Ghana continues to distinguish itself with its planned economic expansion.

There are many cases of success such as the striking economic quality of small and medium enterprises, and there is no doubt that the positive news coming from the African political world will be a catalyst for stability and thus attract international investment to create a new African economic era.

Africa is the last investment frontier for countries and major international companies and there seems to be a widespread understanding of the importance of ensuring the development of the economy so as to protect the gains that have already been made along with future investments.