The benefits of wearing a thobe



My IBS, irritable bowel syndrome, most of the time pains when I wear pants with a belt. This led me to discover the benefits of wearing a traditional Saudi thobe when traveling abroad. The belt was pressuring my stomach and with it came pain.

I also discovered other benefits of wearing a thobe other than freeing the stomach area, which I want to share with you. Another benefit is the sense of pride of national identity that comes with wearing a thobe. Why should I copy others in their way of dress at a time when they are not wearing my national Saudi dress?

I remember the answer of a British engineer who was asked why British people do not copy the rest of the world by putting the steering wheel on the left hand side instead of the right hand side. He said in an arrogant manner: “Why doesn’t the rest of the world copy us?” If this British man insisted on sticking to his ways, then I might as well stick to wearing my national dress each time I travel abroad.

I found that another benefit of wearing a thobe is the easy procedures at the airport when it comes to personal inspection. No need to untie the belt when going through the metal detector machine. The last time I took my belt off at airport security, my pants almost fell down and I had to hold them up with both hands.

Another benefit of wearing a thobe especially when traveling to an Islamic destination is that I will be called Haji and they will bring me forward to lead prayers. They will also extend their hand of help if I need one. All of this is because Saudi Arabia is greatly valued in the heart of many in the Islamic world