TOUS releases HOLD Collection

TOUS, the leading Spanish affordable jewelry and accessories brand, has launched a new collection for young women who specially look for versatile solutions when it comes to wearing jewelry.

The HOLD collection allows young women to use the same jewelry for different occasions at a stroke. It is a continuation of the mix and match concept, which comes with a simple slogan “One Jewel...Infinite Looks”. Individual pieces can be matched and mixed by means of a ring that can be opened, either to turn them into completely different pieces or to modify their design.

The beauty of the new collection lies in its versatility. A young woman can simply create her own customized jewelry using the same pieces that she can adapt to suit the occasion, making her the designer of a magical and unique piece. She can turn a necklace into a pair of bracelet and a pair of versatile earrings.

The collection combines different noble metals (gold, sterling silver, vermeil silver and rose vermeil), and introducing a new finish – dark silver – silver with ruthenium plating, a precious metal with a dark gray tone and a high level of luminosity which can all be used to create different looks and different jewelry. — SG