Entertainment is not just for the wealthy!



When the General Authority for Entertainment was established, many people from different levels of society thought that entertainment would be available to them. This was especially true of those who lived in underdeveloped neighborhoods and people on limited incomes. These people imagined that entertainment would begin in areas that were economically deprived.

However, the businessmen who started entertainment projects directed them at people with higher incomes. The General Authority for Entertainment chose to keep in the Kingdom large amounts of money that is spent by high-income people in entertainment and international events in neighboring countries.

It may be unfair to call for reorganizing priorities in order to target low-income people first. But people on limited incomes can be provided with low-cost, or even free, entertainment.

Saudi writer Khalid Al-Suliman said that we do not want to provide entertainment for those who already enjoy it. We need local entertainment in every city, neighborhood, school and center. There are many types of basic entertainment in neighborhoods that are known to people. Each neighborhood has its own criteria, which are known to local municipalities. Negligence or maybe a conflict of interest was the main reason why these entertainment projects were not addressed in the past.

There are many entertainment activities that can be provided to the public, which can satisfy all tastes and all economic levels and include all families.