The mass escape during school vacations



It is strange to see people leaving the country for a five-day school vacation in a mass escape that is accompanied by joy and happiness. A lot of money is spent on these vacations even though they are only for a few days.

One thing that can be said is that a lot of people do not seem to think about the future as much as they do about how to enjoy the moment, regardless of how much money they have to spend. I am sure that people are borrowing money and taking out loans in order to enjoy short vacations. They have joy for a moment and then suffer as they are forced to repay the money they borrowed.

People use their credit cards and borrow from relatives and spend thousands and thousands of riyals in a week and after they return, they start crying about how they are unable to pay what they owe.

The picture of travelers crowding the bridge to Bahrain along with the Kingdom’s airports is happy and sad at the same time. Furthermore, the mass absence from work that comes after the short vacation is another issue. Many people tend to extend their vacation for another week, either by taking emergency leave or returning with medical reports to justify their absence. These are some of the sad realities we face in the Kingdom.