35,000 jobs for Saudis in grocery stores!



The Minister of Commerce was not mistaken when he recently said that the ministry had 35,000 jobs for Saudis in grocery stores around the Kingdom. His statement was widely criticized on social media. However, in my opinion, these jobs are not meant for university graduates, but rather for citizens who were not able to continue their education.

There is nothing wrong with such work as it involves business that can generate a lot of profit. Saudis have the right to benefit from this and earn experience so that in the future they will dominate this field. Everyone will see how their condition will improve when they make a lot of money from engaging in business.

When the government helps citizens to work in this field, it gives them the chance to become businessmen. This field was dominated by expats from certain nationalities that were running it professionally. We all have seen how they started with a small grocery store, and then ended up with a chain of 20 stores and made great fortunes.

No one will serve the country better than the sons and daughters of the country. They need to work in all professions and there is no shame in that.