Joint efforts needed to fight terror

Speakers attend a symposium in Jeddah on Sunday on OIC member states’ efforts in combating terrorism and violent extremism. — SPA

JEDDAH — The Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) called on Sunday for exerting continued efforts to counter the phenomenon of terrorism, which threatens the security of societies.

Speakers at a symposium emphasized that there is an urgent need to benefit from the experiences of the OIC member states in fighting terror.

The OIC General Secretariat, represented by its Voice of Wisdom Center, organized the third edition of the symposium on the member states’ efforts in combating terrorism and violent extremism.

In his speech, Dr. Bashir Ansari, director of the center, highlighted the successful models of member states in the fight against terrorism and extremism, saying that these are among the most effective and fruitful experiments in the war on terror.

The symposium is reviewing the experiences of Turkey, Morocco, and Egypt in combating terrorism and violent extremism perpetrated in the name of the Islamic faith.

The symposium will offer the member states an opportunity to get a close insight into the efforts of these countries in this respect so that the other states may tap into their experiences and benefit from them.