Novotel Jeddah ‘Filipino and Asian Fusion Brunch’ attracts food lovers


Saudi Gazette

Novotel Hotels and Resorts, which is part of the Accor group of hotels in Jeddah, organized recently “Kabayan Filipino and Asian Fusion Brunch” in their restaurant.

Novotel Hotels and Resorts opened in Jeddah on March 16, 2017.

It was for the first time that the hotel hosted the Fusion brunch for the Filipino community in Jeddah. Their executive chef Saad Trini, who hails from Morocco, along with his co-chef Mike, who hails from the Philippines, prepared the kabayan food dishes for the fusion brunch.

Speaking to Saudi Gazette, Fadhel Tahar, general manager of Novotel Jeddah, said this is our second food fusion, we did Tajin night last month where we served different Moroccan food cuisine to our customers. Today we have Asian food fusion brunch especially kabayan food for the Filipino community in Jeddah. I have witnessed today many kabayan families participated and attended the food fusion. The primary objective of creating this fusion is to make Novotel Hotel a destination to serve our guests from different communities as our brand Accor is famous for its hospitality business. It’s about celebrating culture meeting people together, it’s about embracing diversity, it’s a way to network and introduce Novotel to the vast community in Jeddah. Novotel Hotel is a destination and they come and be partner with us. One can experience our rooms, etc..”

He added: “We are an event for social gathering. We want to be a great partner to the community and bring different flavor to different community. We try to create the best experience with our guests through the best taste of the food, ambience of the hotel and the quality of the service that we always provide. We have a plan to organize food fusion for different community once a month in Novotel Jeddah. We have Indian, Lebanese, Moroccan, Italian, Mexican and many more in our pipeline as long as time allows us based on our success in the food fusions we organize.”

Moreover, he said the next food fusion will tentatively be who we are, i.e., French. Novotel is a French company and we are planning to organize French food fusion next month. We want to bring French flavor, French cuisine, French culture to our guests. The reason of organizing Kabayan Food fusion is that there is a good number of Kabayan community in Jeddah, they can taste the Kabayan cuisine here in Jeddah without visiting Manila very often.

Novotel Hotel Jeddah is situated in the center of Jeddah in Tahlia Street.

The hotel has one restaurant with a capacity of 120 people, modern and trendy lobby. There is also a sky lounge and a a roof top café for extended session of Sheesha. One of the advantages of the rooftop is that one can even view Tahlia Street up to Corniche Street.

Venecio Legaspi, director general of the Overseas Filipino Workers and vice president, head of Compensation and Benefits at Bank Al Jazira, told Saudi Gazette that “I am happy to see Novotel Jeddah Hotel organizing Kabayan Food Fusion for the first time in Jeddah. The food today is totally awesome and fully Kabayan taste. If this food fusion becomes a regular event, I will just come to sit, relax and enjoy the Kabayan food. I do like Indian, Jordanian and other food cuisines, but nothing compares with our Kabayan food like kare kare and adobo.”

Other kabayans who went to the event expressed admiration to the food preparation.