Yemeni army seizes control of more areas, facilities in Hodeidah

Yemeni pro-government forces advance toward the port area from the eastern outskirts of Hodeidah. — AFP

Aden — Yemeni armed forces, aided by the Coalition fighter jets in Yemen, restored control of several positions and facilities in Yemen.

A military source said that army units combed the mills’ roundabout and nearby areas before launching an attack that allowed them to seize control of the Red Sear Mills Company and all its facilities.

The battles in Hodeidah’s northeastern and southern neighborhoods killed at least 23 Houthis.

A total of 14 Houthis, which include snipers, handed themselves over while dozens of Houthi commanders and fighters left Hodeidah toward Sanaa and Hajjah.

The Yemeni army forces advanced in Al-Khamseen Street to come closer to the Hodeidah Port which is less than four kilometers away.

A force affiliated with the army’s Giant’s Brigade targeted a Houthi gathering using a thermal missile in a position around the city, killing four Houthis.

Meanwhile, residents said the Houthis had launched a strict security campaign in the city as they raided dozens of houses and positioned on their rooftops. Other residents said their houses had been looted. — Agencies