US needs Saudi Arabia, asserts Trump

Kingdom firm on warding off challenging winds

Donald Trump

RIYADH – No threat, no blackmailing, no pressures... these are the three ‘No’s reverberating across the world through leading organizations, authorities, Islamic centers and prominent Islamic figures with regard to the malicious campaign unleashed against the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

They all reject outright this unjust campaign and false claims by media clowns and mercenaries who are being paid for this by devilish forces for serving their narrow and vested interests.

American President Donald Trump echoed this sentiment when he categorically said in an interview on Fox Business that “US needs Saudi Arabia”, while adding that “he did not want to walk away from Saudi Arabia over the disappearance and alleged killing of journalist Jamal Khashoggi, arguing the US relies on the Kingdom in the fight against terrorism.”

Asked during an interview what action he had in mind, Trump said: “Well, I hope we’re going to be on the better side of the equation. You know we need Saudi Arabia in terms of our fight against all of the terrorism, everything that’s happening in Iran and other places.”

Meanwhile, many organizations and personalities have expressed their solidarity with the Kingdom against all those who attempt to undermine its policies as well as its position in the regional and global arenas.

They emphasized that these threats and attempts to undermine the Kingdom, either through hints at imposing economic sanctions or using political pressures or repeating false accusations, will not undermine the Kingdom and its staunch positions as well as its stature at the Arab, Islamic and international levels. All these conspiracies and weak attempts would be doomed similar to what had happened in the past.

Echoing the same vein of the global reactions, Sheikh Abdullah Al-Asheikh, president of the Shoura Council, affirmed that the Kingdom has been subjected to an unfair media campaign aimed at undermining its reputation, efforts to nurture and develop its citizens and its outstanding initiatives to establish peace, stability and prosperity in the region and the world.

Addressing the general assembly meeting of the Inter-Parliamentary Union currently being held in Geneva, Asheikh, who led the Saudi delegation to the meet, emphasized that the Kingdom would hold fast to its steadfast positions and that these campaign would not harm its lofty status at the Arab, Islamic and international arenas.

The Shoura chief lauded the positive stance taken by many wise people, organizations and parliamentary councils that are guided by the voice of reason and not by rumors and prejudices. Asheikh also renewed the Kingdom’s call to intensify international cooperation to eliminate all forms of terrorism and to drain its sources of funding and punish those who support it. — SG