The Ministry of Labor and Saudization initiatives


THE Ministry of Labor and Social Development has over the past two years announced numerous initiatives and incentives to saudize jobs in different sectors such as the mobile phone repair shops and shopping malls. The ministry also saudized car rental businesses, insurance services and lately 12 different business activities.

All these initiatives and programs aim to create job opportunities, which is a priority in Saudi Vision 2030.

The National Transformation Program 2020 also designed programs that were launched by several ministries and government agencies. The General Authority for Statistics has issued several reports on these programs and their achievements in reducing unemployment.

A few days ago, the Ministry of Labor announced new 68 initiatives to encourage the private sector to saudize jobs and create more work opportunities for Saudis. Such initiatives also support entrepreneurship and increase competitiveness in the labor market, let alone develop the capabilities of Saudi jobseekers. It is hoped that the new initiatives will achieve positive results for all economic sectors and enhance economic growth.

Through these initiatives, the ministry stresses the important role of the private sector as a strategic partner. The ministry also seeks to enhance its trust with the private sector through the provision of facilities and programs that create jobs for Saudis and reflect positively on economy.