Saudi Arabia has progressed impressively and holds a vital position in global affairs

Khan Hasham bin Saddique

In the name of Allah, the most Gracious, the most Merciful.

On this auspicious occasion of 88th National Day of Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, I on behalf of all Pakistanis congratulate and felicitate wholeheartedly Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Salman, Crown Prince Muhammad Bin Salman and people of KSA.

Pakistan and Saudi Arabia have historically enjoyed brotherly relations that reflect the sentiments of the people of both countries for each other. Saudi Arabia is considered their spiritual home by the Pakistanis and they admire the exemplary services provided to the pilgrims.

Saudi Arabia is home to more than two million Pakistanis who are appreciative of the hospitality of the Kingdom and its people. The two Holy Mosques and the largest community of expatriates working in the Kingdom generate unique inspiration and motivation for Pakistanis for their gratitude and affection towards Saudi Arabia.

Over the years, the Kingdom has progressed impressively and attained a vital position in the global affairs guided by its visionary leadership. The Kingdom is playing a leading role in the affairs of Islamic Ummah by supporting the cause of peace and stability.

We are very happy to see KSA embark on Vision 2030; indeed, a road map for rapid development and transformation. Pakistan will InshaAllah be a partner in this enterprise, as the goals envisaged in the Vision would usher a new era of prosperity in the region.

I would like to convey the best wishes and prayers of Pakistani brethren for the peace, security and progress of the Kingdom. Further, the government and people of Pakistan stand firmly with Saudi Arabia and look forward to further strengthen bilateral relations for benefits of our people.

Long Live Pakistan, Long live Saudi Arabia and Long live Pakistan-Saudi Friendship.

Khan Hasham bin Saddique

Ambassador of Pakistan