Traffic violators get six months to settle fines


Saudi Gazette report

— The directorate general of traffic (Muroor) has given traffic violators with unsettled fines either to pay them within six months or be ready to face courts.

The Muroor has fixed a ceiling for the violators to settle down the fines against them or be ready to face legal charges in courts, a report in the Makkah daily said on Wednesday

It said the courts will close down all the violator's computer services until the arrears are settled.

According to the Muroor, the violations which will be sent to court is the accumulation of the fines until they reach SR20,000 or that six months have past since the violator was first informed about the violation.

It said the violator with accumulated fines of SR20,000 will be asked to pay them within a month or else he/she will be sent to court.

Under the Muroor's new penal chart, leaving the car open with the engine on will be considered a violation for which the driver will be fined SR100-SR150.

Pedestrians crossing the streets from areas not specified for them will also be considered a violation for which a fine should be paid.

The Muroor said leaving the children under 10 years of age alone in the car without a mature companion is a violation for which the driver will be fined SR300-SR500.

Using smart phone while driving or crossing a tunnel without putting the lights on is a violation for which the motorist will be fined SR500-SR900.

If the driver refuses to show his driving license or the car registration to the traffic policemen he will be fined SR1,000-SR2,000.

Trucks not using the right lane or cars with unclear number plates is considered a violation for which a fine of S3,000-SR6,000 should be paid.

Driving under the influence of liquor or drugs is a grave violation for which a fine between SR5,000-SR10,000 should be paid.