The cleaner and the mayor


Al-Madina newspaper

FOUR unidentified people attacked a street cleaner in Madinah while he was doing his job recently. They brutally beat him and robbed him of the little money he had with him.

The street cleaner was transported to hospital with serious bruises he sustained as a result of the brutal beating. The security authorities are still searching for the attackers to bring them to justice.

The victim of this incident was a simple worker who was helpless and powerless. The incident took place in the holy city which has embraced the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) and his companions.

Madinah gave the world an example of peaceful coexistence, humanity and hospitality.

Madinah has through history been the city of light, serenity, safety and security. It has been the eternal capital of peace and humanity.

The residents of Madinah are merciful people who are living examples of generosity, morality and giving. The city has always loved its visitors and warmly welcomed them.

Therefore all that I wish for is the quick apprehension of the attackers of the poor cleaning worker and they be severely punished for their inhuman action.

Though the aggression remains to be an isolated act but it mars the entire city and its good people.

I was hoping the mayor of Madinah would visit the poor cleaner in the hospital to wish him quick recovery and lift his morale. On his own behalf and the behalf of all the residents, the mayor should have apologized to the worker and pacify him.

This is the mayor's duty especially as the municipality is in charge of all cleaning companies. Such a gesture would have remained engraved in the heart of the worker and would create a positive image of the Saudi people in his mind.

Regretfully the visit was not made. This is a big disappointment to me personally and to many other people. It has become obvious that I was hoping against hope.