Offices to be set up next to women’s detention facilities for traffic offenses


RIYADH – The Supreme Judicial Council, under the chairmanship of the Minister of Justice Dr. Waleed Al-Sam’aani has decided to set up offices for traffic cases of accidents and traffic violations next to facilities where women are detained. The objective is to expedite their trial in cases of accidents and traffic violations, Saudi Press Agency (SPA) said Monday.

This decision has come as a support for expediting litigation in cases where women are involved in traffic accidents or traffic violations, especially issues that come under the jurisdiction of the general courts.

This decision has come as part of a series of measures and initiatives by the Ministry of Justice and the Supreme Judicial Council in fast tracking various cases in general and women’s cases in particular. The objective is also to empower women in the judicial field.

The last of these steps supporting women is employing them in the various legal sectors, approving the Alimony Fund to provide the necessary financial support for divorced women and their children during the litigation period, launching special centers for executing custody verdicts in cooperation with a third sector so that they can act in lieu of police stations and provide a model environment in which the family, security, health and recreation atmosphere prevails.

The judicial measures and initiatives supporting women also included granting the mother her right to be the guardian of the child under her custody. This applies to cases, which are devoid of disputes. Hence, this would facilitate for a woman to visit the Civil Status Bureau, Passports Department, embassies, education administrations and other pertinent authorities so as to prove that her family is eligible for social security.

Among the families eligible for social security is the one whose head is absent, has gone missing, a deserted or abandoned family, or a family in a state of limbo. – SPA