20 million Saudis set to watch World Cup opening match

Players of Saudi Arabia attend their team's training session in Moscow, Russia, Wednesday. — EPA

RIYADH – Over 20 million male and female Saudis are set to enthusiastically watch the World Cup 2018 opening football match between Saudi Arabia and Russia at Luzhniki Stadium in Moscow, Russia at 6.00 p.m. Thursday. Their eyes will remain glued to their TV screens from the beginning till the end of the match, in what promises to be an exciting start to a World Cup that will see a host of stars perform with verve.

The opening match will be held in the presence of sports leaders and officials of the countries participating in the World Cup, apart from 80,000 spectators. Not to speak of the over 7 billion people in all continents of the globe, who are following this great football event on their TV screens, Saudi Press Agency said Wednesday.

Thirty-two national teams are participating in the World Cup football championships in Russia. They are representing six continents of the world. These teams have been divided into eight groups, each with four national teams in the preparatory stage of the championship, with the number of teams decreasing gradually until the quarter final, semifinal and final. Each national team has 23 players, selected according to FIFA regulations. – SPA