The Fourth Edition Of Shara Fair In Jeddah


Saudi Gazette

Shara Art Fair was held at Gold Moor Mall in Jeddah from May 30 to June 3rd. The fair showcased young women’s issues, drawings showcasing holy places as well as people praying, artworks focusing on consumer choices and other social topics. It was divided into several sections run by different art galleries in the Kingdom. Few new artists were also part of the exhibition this year.

Some pieces focused on women topics including driving. Other pieces concentrated on the spiritual side by presenting artwork for Makkah, Madinah and one of the special paintings that attracted visitors’ attention was a piece comprising of a group of Muslims praying. Another artwork that most of the art fair visitors liked was named “The Space is Temporary,” which consisted of the Islamic ‘Mihrab’ for worship.

One of the calligraphy-inspired sculpture was of the Arabic letter “Ein.”

Visitors had a chance to see special artworks that depicted Saudi culture and history through the eyes of Saudi artists. Some of these artworks focused on presenting people and others depicted places.

Some of the participating artists in the fair were from outside the Kingdom.

There was also a small section with few art pieces that collectors and visitors could buy from. Several sections showcased works of renowned galleries including Hafez and Athr.

The fair, which took place for the fourth year, seeks to unite and empower the artistic community in the Kingdom. By collecting works of famous artists, the Shara Art Fair seeks to empower and bring together artists from across the country.