Hamdaniya residents voice anger over negligence by authorities


Saudi Gazette report

JEDDAH — Residents of Jeddah's Hamdaniya district, which was developed 14 years ago, have expressed their indignation at what they described as sheer negligence by the authorities in improving the neighborhood's infrastructure.

The district lacks streetlights, paved roads and other basic facilities, they said, adding that the authorities dashed their hope of making Hamdaniya a model district.

Saeed Al-Idrissi said lamps in shops, homes and motor vehicles lighted the streets. He asked why the authorities have not charged the streetlights that were installed a long time ago. "People cannot pass through the streets at night because of no lighting," he told Al-Madina Arabic daily.

Rayyan Al-Ahmadi spoke about the poor condition of the district's roads whose asphalt has been damaged. "We don't believe in repeated promises of the municipality," said Yasser Murtadha.

Mohammed Hani complained about surfacing sewage that damage roads.

"We have approached the municipality several times to solve various problems facing the district but nothing has changed on the ground," Hani said.

Naji Al-Motairy said the district has become a dumping ground for construction waste.

"Contractors dump debris in Hamdaniya and the municipality has not taken any action against such violations. This has tarnished the district's image," he told Al-Madina.

Mohammed Al-Baqami, spokesman for Jeddah Municipality, said the local administration had taken steps to set up streetlights in all parts of Hamdaniya. "We carry out maintenance work as per a specific schedule. We also receive requests for urgent maintenance through the number 940," he said.

"The municipality has signed contracts with companies to carry out the maintenance work. Last year the municipality's maintenance team responded to 606 complaints. This year we have tackled 49 complaints from residents of Hamdaniya," he explained.

Referring to unauthorized workshops in the district, Al-Baqami said: "We have closed all unlicensed workshops along main roads and side streets in the district. We will impose fines on contractors who dump construction waste in residential areas and force them to remove it. If the people or entities that dumped the waste cannot be identified, the municipality itself will clear the sites."