Moment of glory: Qur’an memorization convocation held in Jubail


By Safi Hyder Jannaty

— It was a moment of awe and admiration; it was all glory and glorification; it was the time to applaud students and acknowledge efforts of their mentors.

Bazm-e-Idrak organized ‘Takreem-e-Huffaz Convocation Ceremony, at Marafiq Beach Camp here to felicitate and honor 18 students who had completed memorization of Holy Qur’an during 2017. The event included Qur’an recitation, Hamd-o-Naat (praise of Allah and His Prophet) and Speech Competitions in various categories. One of the highlights was Ustad Hafiz-o-Qari Syed Luthfullah Hussaini’s lecture to students and parents on their behavior and influence of society in the upbringing of children.

The Kingdom provides an excellent opportunity to learn, recite and memorize Qur’an. The presence of teachers who have dedicated their lives in teaching Qur’an recitation and helping young boys to memorize noble Qur’an is indeed a great blessing. One such mentor is Ustad Hussaini of Tahfeez-ul-Quraan, Tahlia. He has been conducting Hifz classes for several years and has produced 100 Huffaz and one of the students awarded during the event happened to be the 100th student.

Vice President of Bazm-e Idrak Mujeeb Sultan, welcoming the guests students and their parents, lauded the efforts of students and their parents, and in particular Hafiz-o-Qari Syed Abdulquader and Hafiz-o-Qari Syed Asadullah Hussaini, in preparation for the event. Student after student kept the audience in awe with their recitation and memorization skills.

Surah recitation competition was held during the day, which was judged by senior Huffaz and scholars Dr. Siraj Ahmed, Dr. Irfanullah and Hafiz Zaid Imtiyaz. Mohammed Ali Liaqat and Saad Abu Baker Bakrawala were adjudged first and second place winners respectively in the senior category, whereas Abu Baker Nadeem, Abdullah Rafi and Abdullah Sheikh, were adjudged first, second and third place winners respectively, in the junior category.

Saad Abu Baker and Mahdi Ali Khan, got the first and second prize in speech competition, while Saad Abu Baker & Group, Mohammed Ali Liaqat & Group and Abdulrahman Imtiyaz & Group, got first, second and third prizes respectively in Hand-o-Naat Competitions. There were several other awards to recognize students for their behavior, attitude, sincerity and dedication.

During the Convocation Ceremony, the following 18 Huffaz were awarded the plaques of appreciation for completing the Memorization of Holy Qu’ran:

Hafiz Aqel Farooq, Hafiz Akmal Shahid, Hafiz Abdulraheem Imtiyaz, Hafiz Abdulrahman Imtiaz, Hafiz Aqib Amanullah, Hafiz Taha Ali Abdulmajeed Zia, Hafiz Tauheed Ali Abdulmajeed Zia, Hafiz Tariq Mohammed Shihabuddin, Hafiz Mohammed Rahil Rafiq, Hafiz Mohammed Rayees Rafiq, Hafiz Afnan Anwar, Hafiz Saif-ur-Rehman Shaikh, Hafiz Abdulrahman Sheikh, Hafiz Sulaiman Haris, Hafiz Mohammed Owais Junaid, Hafiz Mohammed Shah Nasiruddin, Hafiz Abdullah Shoib Qader, Hafiz Mohammed Usman Abid

The parents of all of the 18 Huffaz too were honored. Grandparents of a few Huffaz, who had traveled from India and Pakistan to bless their grandchildren, too were felicitated.

The function was attended by several eminent personalities in the field of education, Islamic teachers, and social welfare workers from all over the Kingdom. The principals of four international Indian schools (IIS), namely; Dr. Syed Hamid – IIS-Jubail, Dr. Shaukat Pervez, IIS-Riyadh, Dr. Mohammed E.K. Shafi, IIS- Dammam, Dr. Masood Ahmed, IIS-Jeddah were present as guests of honor.

Shaikh Salman Bin Musa Dawood, manager Tahfeez ul Quran, Al Jubail Tahliya, Shaikh Hani Bin Rab’i, Imam and Khateeb of Jame Masjid Tahliya, Sheikh Yahya Shabbir, in-charge Tahfeezul Quran Al Jubail Tahliya, Shaikh Mohammed Sayeed Al Faqeer Pervez Akhter, vice principal of Pakistan International School, Jubail, Syed Masoud, founder and CEO of Success School in Riyadh, too attended.

Among other notable persons who attended the function were Meraj Ansari, president of HADAF, Aziz Ahmed Siddique, Mohammed Ayesh, Mohammed Ashfaq, Mohammed Ashraf, Mohammed Abdulaziz, Asif Ali Siddiqui, Anis Bakhsh, Naseeruddin Ansari, Rahan Alam Siddiqui.

The program was meticulously planned and organized by the team of Bazm-e-Idrak members Hafiz Syed Asdaullah Hussaini, Hafiz Syed Anwarullah Hussaini, Hafiz-o-Qari Syed Abdulquader Hafiz Mohammed Ashfaq Hussain, Hafiz Mohammed Obaid Nayeem, Ateeq ur Rahman, Mohammed Mansoor Khan, Mir Amjad Ali, Farook Abbas, Nasiruddin Kunju, Shahabuddin Kunju, Rafeeq Palagatti Madaninagar, Abdulmajeed Zia. Founder and Director of HADAF Nayeem Javed anchored the event.