A promising future


Al-Riyadh newspaper

THE words of the Crown Prince Muhammad Bin Salman have made a deep impression on me. “Saudi Vision 2030 represents the Kingdom’s development and economic goals,” the prince has stated.

He also revealed that the vision would be activated irrespective of whether the oil price falls or rises. He pointed out that by 2020 Saudis could live without oil revenue. What he said was reassuring and it showed his wisdom and smart way of looking at things.

In spite of everything people say, this is what we need and the leaders of this country deserve applause for this. The Vision 2030 is the best example of the national ambition to create a bright future for the coming generations. It is a dream plan that contains economic and social programs that would accelerate the desired shift from our dependence on oil and lay the foundation for sustainable development. This is an all-inclusive and ambitious vision, a vision that confronts the challenges of globalization today and paves the way for the Kingdom’s economic future by diversifying revenue sources. This will make the Saudi economy one of the largest and the strongest internationally.

I am thankful that the Kingdom is a special place. It is where the Divine revelation was received and it is from where the peaceful message of Islam spread around the world. It hosts the two holy mosques and had the honor of serving the House of God throughout history. It provides consummate services to the guests of God and ensures their welfare and safety.

We all need to work together to achieve what the country aspires for, ensuring the rights of everyone while creating a promising future for the coming generations. I pray that Allah guide our leader, Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Salman, and his deputy and Crown Prince Muhammad Bin Salman, help them and protect them.