Words are sharp and often leave scars


Working for yourself requires love and respect in order to be your own supporter and self-motivator to have the ability to function in society and live for what you love. However, verbal abuse could wreck your confidence and the self-esteem that you need to achieve your goals.

Verbal abuse is a common problem in society. It has the same effect as physical abuse but it cannot be recognized because its effects are invisible. Many of us can suffer from this unknowingly. It might lead to low self-esteem, depression and anxiety.

Verbal abuse is the aggressive use of words aimed at an individual to control them or to make them feel powerless. This abuse can include words, such as “stupid,” “worthless” or “useless.” The abuse can have a long-term effect. It could destroy the mental, physical and emotional state of an individual. Victims of abuse will eventually become depressed; they will feel useless and unhappy. They could become physically aggressive and constantly initiate fights with others. They could suffer from low self-esteem that prevents them from contributing socially. They might isolate themselves from others because they may think that they are in a different world and that no one understands them.

We as humans should do something about this issue. We should raise awareness about it. I believe that human beings deserve to be encouraged instead of being let down. Every one of us has capabilities. Failure at something does not render one a loser or unworthy. We all get angry and we all get upset with our partners, children or families, but we also have brains for a reason. We have a brain to think and control the words that come out of our mouths.

None of us want to be abused. We all want to contribute and help society with the gifts and skills that we have. Using horrible words against people often leaves scars that destroy their confidence and prevent them from developing further.

Shada Al-Aamry