Jeddah atelier highlights Saudi-Egyptian Sculptures


Saudi Gazette

As part of 21,39 Jeddah Art Week, Jeddah Atelier for Fine Arts is hosing an exhibition to showcase Saudi and Egyptian sculpture artworks this month. The exhibition is also expected to host discussions between a number of artists and critics.

Artist Mohammad A-Thaqafi took part in the exhibition with five distinct sculptures. His works discuss the different relationships between family members and relations in workplaces. “Once the relationship is broken it is almost impossible to put them back on track and that is what the works represent,” he told Saudi Gazette. The works also have Arabic calligraphy to represent Arabic identity. Al-Thaqafi said he mixed different materials in his works. Speaking about Saudi artists specialized in sculptures he said there are a number of experts and beginners in different cities who produce distinguished works. He added there are different art societies that are keen to advance the art scene in the Kingdom. “This is the time for art and we hope to see more art exhibitions,” he added. Another prominent artist in the Saudi art scene, Sadiq Wsif, said his work in the gallery is one that represents Saudi art in a joint exhibition with Egyptian sculptures. “This type of art does not attract many artists because it is highly dangerous as they might be injured or burnt while creating their artworks. Artists tend to go for safe artworks such as paintings, photography and alike. Staying away from sculpture art is a trend not only in the Kingdom but also around the word and so the number of artists specialized in these works are always low worldwide,” he explained.

Location: Al Nahdah Alhadeethah, Al Rawdah, Jeddah

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