Youth recruited in theft crimes, car drifting and drugs


Saudi Gazette report

— Young people are among the most targeted groups by criminals because they are easy to exploit and influence. They are recruited for crimes of thefts, car drifting, drugs and other behavior punishable by the law. Here comes the role of the family nucleus first in upbringing and awareness. Youth is a sensitive stage in the formation of attitudes and it is important for educators and parents to pay attention to psychological and social guidance to raise useful members of society, Riyadh reported.

A number of specialists and consultants talked about the problems teenagers struggle with. Dr. Yasser Al-Balawi, legal adviser, said that it's important to pay attention to this age group under the legal age. Due to the lack of maturity and lack of awareness in self-protection, this age group needs protection from their own environment. Jurists differed on the age of juvenile; some said it starts at 15. In the Kingdom, what is applicable is for the person to be younger than 18 years of age, and the girl who is not more than 13years old. The law given them special and independent recognition including arrests according to committed crime, investigation phase, and the ruling as well as its mechanism and implementation. The general rule in the Criminal Procedure Law is applicable to the juvenile unless the judge makes exceptions. The juvenile courts work under the umbrella of the criminal courts. The juvenile detention system refers to the rights of juveniles and all processes must be done in the presence of a psychologist or social worker with the investigator and to provide a social research integrated into the case.

The law does not permit investigation with juveniles in police or detention centers and the process from the beginning until the end is subject to the knowledge of the judge. All this including any arrest must not take place except with the permission of the juvenile judge assigned by the President of the Criminal Court to the juvenile court. Based on this, special courts have been designated to this age group: Social supervision investigates care, religious education, health care and fitness for convicted juveniles who are detained under investigation or trial or whom the judge decides to keep in the home for persons under the age of 12 years and not exceeding 18 years. Also, Girls Welfare Foundation, which is concerned with establishing the foundation of social care and evaluation, strengthening religious beliefs, and working to achieve the proper health, education, and training of girls who are detained under investigation or trial, as well as those who decide to remain in the institution under the age of 30 years.

Ahmad Al-Bar, professor of social work at Imam University and counselor of marital and family relations, said that the issues of juveniles are of great concern to the larger society, including family disintegration and the absence of many positive values. The problem stems from social and technical communication programs, but juveniles struggle due to their age as they face challenges and peer pressures which might lead to them to irresponsible behavior and drug abuse problems.

He added, "A juvenile lacks a role model because he draws his values and knowledge from the virtual world, which is full of false realities, and those with low values, agendas or at the very least empty minds. Although there are many successful models and programs, and valuable topics in communication, the adolescent stage makes him attracted to the trivialities, and this is when there is no mentor and no alternative to filling the gap with the young generation. That leads to the emergence of an irresponsible generation. There must be dedicated efforts to highlight successful and positive models," stated Al-Bar.

Dr. Musaed Al-Otaibi, a researcher in the family affairs and youth violence area, discussed the impact of social media and communication channels on adolescents. He said social communication means in essence do not support deviant and criminal behavior patterns, but criminals and misguided individuals exploit these channels achieve their evil goals.