Awamiya terrorist sentenced to death


By Mansour Al-Shahri

Okaz/Saudi Gazette

RIYADH – The Special Criminal Court in Riyadh on Wednesday sentenced a terrorist to death after he was convicted of several charges including an attack on two German diplomats in Awamiya town in Qatif four years ago.

The three-member panel of judges said in its verdict the man was found guilty of several counts of charges including disobedience to the rulers and sedition.

He was accused of undermining national security, opening fire on security officers, throwing Molotov cocktails at them, setting tires on fire at the entrance of Awamiya to block the entry of security men, possession of machine guns and taking part in riots. He was charged with armed robbery of shops and stealing two cars for use in the robbery.

The man was also charged with firing at an embassy vehicle carrying German diplomats and providing training to terrorists in the use of weapons to confront security men.

The German diplomats escaped unharmed in the attack in Riyadh on Jan. 13, 2014.