Pakistan’s PM pledges support for struggle in Kashmir


ISLAMABAD — Pakistan’s prime minister has pledged his government’s continued support for the struggle of the people of Kashmir, saying the residents of the divided Himalayan region have rendered great sacrifices in their fight for freedom, which cannot be suppressed.

Shahid Khaqan Abbasi spoke on Monday to the local parliament in Muzaffarabad, the seat of the Pakistani-controlled part of Kashmir. Political and religious groups across Pakistan marked the annual Kashmir Solidarity Day.

Abbasi urged the lawmakers to be united for the cause and said the Indian government has tried but failed to suppress the Kashmir struggle.

Praising the resolve of the Kashmiri people, Abbasi said that “all Pakistan had to do” was to continue drawing attention to the Kashmir issue on every forum available.

“Kashmiris are a huge force. All they need is good leadership and it is your responsibility to provide that,” the PM said. “The government will provide all the resources that you need in this regard.”

He said that Pakistan had always sought a peaceful solution to the Kashmir issue and would continue to do so.

The premier also lauded the army for fighting to keep the country’s borders safe and announced that the government will provide for the families of martyrs who sacrificed their lives while posted at the Line of Control.

Pakistani army chief Gen. Qamar Javed Bajwa says that Kashmiri people’s “struggle is destined to succeed.”

Kashmir is divided between India and Pakistan, which fought two wars over it, and claimed by both it in entirety. — Agencies