Are you up for the ‘Super Blend Me’ challenge?

Key To Leading A Healthier Lifestyle


Saudi Gazette

For starters, it is not as intimidating as juicing or detoxing. The ‘Super Blend Me’ diet is based on a set of nutritious smoothies crafted by Jason Vale.

It targets a wide audience, not just those who want to lose weight, but helps in weight management and indeed aspires to boost fitness in the long run.

“We are the first ones to start this actually. It is way easier than juicing where the juices served during the first three days consist of water, but with the smoothies, you feel a lot more fuller and satisfied because of the consistency,” Ahmed AlGhamdi, Partner and General Manager at Juice Master Jeddah told Saudi Gazette. The Super Blend Me smoothie diet is designed to replace the three regular meals in a day with- you guessed it, smoothies!

They have a set menu with ingredients and a step-by-step guide to help you whip up the smoothies at home. Unless you plan to grab a smoothie from Juice Master Jeddah thrice a day, they can help you stock up the ingredients for a three-day period so you can make them at home. “We deliver as well, for just SR 20. But we recommend you only stock up to three days so the fruits and vegetables are still fresh,” AlGhamdi said. They pack up all the ingredients you need with a list of schedule, menu and recipes. All you have to do is follow them.

We recommend you try the 7-day trial period for starters. That alone is going to need a lot of self-determination. The first three days will need self-control and discipline. The first two days may trigger sleep deprivation, mood swings and headaches. But once you are past that, it gets easier.

“It definitely needs persistence. Sometimes people just want to chew on something because we are used to doing so everyday, so it is fine you can have a bite of something that is already in your smoothies. We encourage you to give it a shot and see the benefits for yourself,” AlGhamdi said. Try it out for a week. Once you have spent four days with the Super Blend Me smoothie diet, you get accustomed to it.

It’s a combination of things- Jason Vale’s scrumptious smoothies, adaptability in human nature and the curious mind, which helps keep you going. The all-liquid diet makes you feel lighter, satisfied and once you feel the changes in your body, you are encouraged to continue and meet the deadline.

At the end of it all, you will find yourself inspired and keen on adapting to or sustaining a healthier lifestyle. It comes with the responsibility of maintaining your success. The Super Blend Me challenge is therefore just a fresh start, designed as a healthy lifestyle to help unleash your full potential.

Download the ‘Super Blend Me’ app which offers 30 original recipes, a personal journal that helps you track your progress, seven tips for success, a customized shopping list and a lot more. So while you are still deliberating, let us help you get a taste of what Jason Vale’s smoothies really taste like. Try these at home and see if you are up for the Super Blend Me challenge.

Tahini Cocoa Beaney


• 1tbsp of Cocoa (Cocoa) Powder

• 1tbsp of Tahini Paste

• 2tbsp of Manuka Honey

• 1/2 Banana (ripe & peeled)

• 250ml Raw Almond Milk

1 small handful of Ice

How To Make

This is "Truly Simple" to make! Just add all the ingredients in a blender and whizz-up until "Smoothly Scrumptious".

Mint Coconut Smoothie Recipe


• Apple: 1

• Mint: 10g

• Banana: 1/2

• Spinach: 1 Handful

• Coconut Water: 200ml

• Ice: 1 Small Handful

How To Make

Remove the core from the apple and chop into small pieces. Remove the leaves from the mint and discard the stems. Peel the banana. Put everything into the blender or ‘Retro Super Blend’ and whizz for 30 – 60 seconds.

Blueberry Kale Cashew Crunch


• Apple: 1

• Kale: 1 Handful

• Banana: 1

• Blueberries: 1 Handful

• Coconut Milk: 200ml

• Cashew Butter: 1 Teaspoon

• Sunflower seeds: 2 Tablespoon

• Ice: 1 Small Handful

How To Make

• Add the ice to your blender, followed by all other ingredients. Blend for 15-30 seconds.