Saudi crown prince named the ‘most powerful leader in Middle East’


With Saudi Arabia embarking on the ambitious NEOM project, recent reports highlighting discussions on creating a technology hub in the kingdom have turned the spotlight on Saudi Crown Prince Muhammad Bin Salman’s growing stature in the Middle East.

The hub would be established in a collaboration between energy giant ARAMCO and Google’s Alphabet. There also appear to be talks with Amazon for the establishment of three data centers.

In a recent report by CNBC, Saudi Crown Prince Muhammad Bin Salman was described as the ‘most powerful leader in the Middle East.’

The report looked at the Crown Prince's various achievements in the last seven months.

Some of the achievements mentioned include “granting more rights to women.”

The report also celebrates the Crown Princes's prompt and smooth handling of the anti-corruption drive in the Kingdom.

It also indirectly recommended neighboring countries in the region to take the Crown Prince’s actions as a template toward growth and development. — Al Arabiya English