Punish contractors responsible for dilapidated roads


Yasser Al-Behaijan

Al-Jazirah newspaper

Saher has undoubtedly reduced road accidents. The number of fatalities on our roads has decreased dramatically over the past few months. Reports show that drivers are now more aware of the importance of following traffic rules. The authorities should now apply a similar system to monitor the conditions of our roads. Some roads are dilapidated and cause fatal accidents that have claimed the lives of many people.

Some roads have speed bumps in random locations while others have potholes because the construction work has not been up to scratch. Pools of dirty water can be seen on many streets. Some intersections do not have proper warning signs.

The authorities should hold contractors accountable. Violators should be properly penalized in the way that people who break traffic rules are penalized. The building of roads and their upkeep should be closely monitored.

Some roads continue to kill thousands of drivers every year because they are in a poor condition and not properly paved. It is not right to blame drivers when there is an accident because of this. It is the contracting companies who should be blamed or the officials who gave them the green light to carry out shoddy work. Something should be done about these roads to prevent the needless death of thousands of drivers every year.

Giving negligent companies hefty fines is not enough and will not solve this problem. The authorities need to take swift measures to deter violators, such as naming and shaming companies in the press and suspending their business activities. Imprisonment should be considered if negligence has led to the damage of public and private property and the death of innocent people.