Academy brings out the artist in YOU!


Saudi Gazette

EVERY child is an artist, and all they need is a platform to portray their talents. They want to be appreciated in a place where everything they draw, say or make is loved.

Kids Zone Academy with the vision to tap, nurture, develop and motivate the artistic talent of the future generation organizes carious Art competitions on different levels.

Under the supervision of the Rasheed Osmani and his team ‘Clay modelling, Drawing and painting competition’ was held in Star Restaurant, Aziziya, Jeddah. Students from numerous schools of Jeddah participated in this competition.

A slot of 60 minutes were allotted to the participants to complete their art work. The young zestful artists came up with magnificent and thought provoking models of art.

Alluring clay models of birds, fruits, animals and dolls were exhibited by the participants. Fascinating drawings of Charminar, national flag, colorful puzzle and scenery were also drawn by the participants.

The president and founder Osmani addressed the gathering and motivated the participants by telling them that participation is more important than winning. He encouraged children to participate in every competition so it can help build up their abilities.

“Do not be disappointed with your failure, and take a positive mind for the next event, “ Osmani added, “Every child is special in his or her own vision, and it is one of the aims of the academy to identify, uplift, encourage and showcase the talent of the young artists.”

He also advised the parents to assist and encourage their kids in coming up with their talents, thereby making their dream a success whether be it in academics or extra-curricular.

The program concluded with Director of Kids Zone Academy, Hassan and Faheem Ansari announcing and awarding the winners of the competition

The program was a success by dedication and efforts of all the members of the academy, especially Media & Publicity Incharge Aleem and Program Coordinator Mohammad Ilyas.

The Kids Zone — Art and Xultural Academy accomplishes and endeavors to organize more such events in Jeddah as well as in other cities of Saudi Arabia in the near future.