Saudi Arabia is for Saudis


Al-Yaum newspaper

By saying that the Kingdom is for Saudis, I mean that all collective efforts until 2030 are to preserve the Saudi identity, economy, education system and respect for the citizen, not as a beneficiary but as a responsible partner. The decisions of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques have spread warmth and tranquility in the hearts of Saudis. The launching of the Citizen’s Account to support middle- and low- income earners and the continued support shown by the state for the education and health sectors are undoubtedly supported by the Crown Prince’s efforts to stay updated on the latest developments and the efforts of the Council for Economic Affairs and Development. The Crown Prince is keen to make the new Saudi Arabia stronger along with its citizens.

However, we must ask ourselves if the steep price increases and price manipulation that coincided with the launch of the Value Added Tax (VAT) is an acceptable transgression. These increases were carried out by both large and small companies that started charging an anticipated tax on goods well before the VAT deadline just so consumers would bear the brunt of the burden.

As long as the Ministry of Commerce is unable to control prices and stop price manipulation, why not create free consumer tax cooperatives to support the needs of everyday households at low prices with emphasis being placed on buying what people need and not what they want?

We also need to hurry and supply the hybrid car market with models and prices suitable for all segments of society. This is our Kingdom and we, the citizens, are the first to preserve it and in order to be partners in this transformation and change, we must change our behavior and lifestyles to adapt to a changing country and society.