Scholarship students warned against travel to conflict zones

Cultural attachés caution Saudi students about 'inciting' messages


Saudi Gazette report

— Saudi cultural attachés in foreign capitals have again warned Saudi students abroad against misleading messages and invitations that incite them to travel to areas of conflicts to participate or help in the fighting, Al-Hayat newspaper reported.

The diplomats have pointed out that the students are staying abroad on scholarships for the purpose of education alone.

At the same time, the cultural attachés called on the students to preserve their Islamic and Arab identity and protect the reputation of the Kingdom by reflecting a positive image of the country. They were also advised to take into account and heed the regulations of the host countries.

Cultural attachés in Britain, Australia and other countries shared tips with students under the hashtag "#Responsibilities-StudentsonScholarship" explaining that caution is the duty of all scholarship students, both new and old.

They noted that there are communication means open with some cultural attachés for free advice and consultations.

The cultural attaché in Britain stressed the need to follow the instructions and know the means of communication with the official missions. He said it was part of the mission's work to extend the best possible services to the scholarship students.

"We call on all students to consult the student's guide in the United Kingdom to find out the appropriate procedures for student requests. The student will receive a response to the inquiry within one business day from the date of receipt of the application," the attaché said.

If they wished, students can communicate with the academic supervisor or the concerned employee through the web portal and in urgent cases they can directly communicate with the academic supervisor or employee during official working hours, he said, adding that weekly meetings are scheduled with the cultural attaché for emergencies.

Meanwhile, the Muslim World League (MWL) advised travelers abroad, new scholarship students in particular, to pay attention to products, to check the mark of Halal slaughter and to know the ingredients of all products.

The MWL finally completed the restructuring of the halal food administration, attracting a number of specialists and jurists.

In order for the league to be the foremost guarantor of halal trademarks in the Islamic world and others, it sent a number of specialists to Brazil, Canada and Australia to undertake unplanned tours and direct supervision of halal food markets there. It stressed the importance of ensuring the application of legal standards to halal products.

The MWL said in a statement that it is the world leader in the enforcement of the conditions for halal food products by supervising all stages of production until they are exported to the Kingdom.

MWL said it would soon launch a website in more than 20 languages to be a global reference for halal food.

The league pointed out that due to its measures to monitor halal food in general, it has received invitations from many governments in Asia and Europe to be the approved authority for the export of halal food to their countries.