Cisco aims to 'reinvent the network', unveils new predictive analytics innovations


Saudi Gazette

BARCELONA — Cisco said it aims to reinvent the network by investing in technologies in intent-based networking, as it revealed its software innovations in analytics at the Cisco Live event here this week.

Cisco looks to make networks more intuitive and intelligent to prepare for the next decades to come.

The future will begin to look radically different than today, according to Cisco's senior Vice President and General Manager Rowan Trollope, who predicts it will be shaped by powerful computing capability.

Describing the next three decades, Trollope said advances in technology will make flying cars a reality, telepathy dominating communications, and smartphones to be replaced with wearables in a decade from now.

Complete simulations by the human brain will be possible and one terabyte Internet connections will then be common in the 2030s.

Everyday use of the technology will pave the way for milestones in computing power that will exceed human intelligence, Cisco predicted.

Such strides in technology will require "an advanced technology infrastructure", Trollope said. "Artificial intelligence and machine learning will shape the future of computing."

Looking to bring intent-based networking to a reality, Cisco’s executive vice president of networking and security business David Goeckeler introduced three assurance products for networks to take automation to the next level, namely predicting operational issues, preventing security threats and continuously learning, adapting and protecting.

In the data center network, the Cisco Network Assurance Engine aims to help enterprises identify troubleshooting issues, continuously verify network behavior, predict errors, and assure security policy and compliance.

In campus and branch networks, the Cisco DNA Center Assurance gives organizations the ability to make use of data by laying a complete overview of what is happening between users and applications with real-time, historical and predictive capabilities.

The third product, the Cisco Meraki Wireless Health, looks to help IT teams to save time in fixing wireless issues by using rich analytics and insights.

“The network has never been more critical to business success,” Goeckeler said. “We’re reinventing the network ground up to deliver a secure and intelligent platform for digital business. Today, we are taking another major step toward that ambitious goal with intent-based networking innovations designed to deliver contextual insights and assurance that will help transform IT from reactive to proactive."

The products come under the company's strategy to help enterprises and consumers leverage context. As data will be the next "oil", it will be only valuable when refined, according to Cisco's Senior Vice President and Chief Strategy Officer Hilton Romanski. Unlocking the power of data means extracting it and analyzing it to deliver a smarter network, he said.