Unemployment is destroying our graduates


Al-Madina newspaper

TODAY we hear the struggles and sufferings of a huge number of our unemployed graduates. Unemployment is not only affecting the graduates themselves but even their parents and families. This is a serious problem that needs a serious interference as the number of those unemployed increases every year. Where is the Ministry of Civil Service and the Ministry of Labor and Social Development? What have they done except talking without actually taking an action?

It is painful to read what the unemployed graduates are writing wherein they are struggling with life and trying to find an income to stand on their foot. It is hurting to see what those unemployed graduates write in the social media especially when they question the society: from the rest of the society, why are we the ones who are forgotten?

Life today has changed and people need a good income to survive. Then, what about those who have no income at all? Don’t these graduates deserve a focus on them and be rewarded with a monthly income. Employed and retired people are receiving bonuses and allowances while the unemployed receives nothing and pays the price for something they did not even commit. The Hafiz program gives fresh unemployed graduates a small income for a period of time. And as the period ends they end up struggling alone with no job, no salary, nothing. Aren’t they our sons and daughters? They deserve to be taken care of and thought about just as the rest of society.

I believe that the majority of our society does indeed understand that the unemployed deserve the bonus or allowance more than anybody else does. That is because they actually have nothing to live with! They graduated from some of the best universities and their only dream is to get hired and be independent.

So, if we forget them and leave them struggling with the suffering of the unemployment that is the actual problem. I swear to God that no one feels their pain except the one who has nothing to do and saving each riyal to survive. This is an urgent situation that needs a quick interference to save our graduates. I also hope that they are included in future royal decrees as we are used to having this special care and treatment from our beloved country. May Allah always protect it.

In conclusion, all our unemployed sons and daughters, never say that you are forgotten. Instead, say that you are an important element of this country which will always support you and you will forever love it.