Why did an 11-year-old girl commit suicide?


Okaz newspaper

An 11-year-old girl ended her life by hanging herself from a wardrobe at her home. This is a tragic incident and all I can hope for her family is to be patient and strong. May she rest in peace.

This death is very shocking as she was very young. How could she do such a crazy thing? What is even more shocking is that there has been no further investigation into her case following her death. I refer here to psychological and sociological investigation.

Why do we not involve specialists to look further into her suicide? Is it possible that she was playing or are there other psychological and sociological reasons that caused her to end her life? All of these are possibilities that cannot be determined without a detailed investigation.

When I mention bringing in psychological and sociological specialists, I do not imply that her family or anyone else might have abused her. What I mean is to let these specialists further investigate whether she was struggling with some sort of mental illness, or whether she was having difficulties at home, school, or with her friends, etc. We should also take into consideration whether the girl was exposed to violent games or strange people on social media.

This sad incident should not be allowed to pass without some attempt to understand what pushed this girl to take her own life. In that way, we might be able to save other children who might be thinking of going down the same sorrowful road.

If we do not ask for psychologists to look into this case, then we should get our graduates in psychology and sociology on to the case? Why can we not involve them to prevent something shocking like this from happening again?