Everyone is equal in the eyes of the law


Al-Madinah newspaper

The main component of a lasting country is justice. This means equality among people regardless of their nationality, color, language and religion. These are important values that Islam encourages.

This is why Islam is different from other religions that separate people according to their color, etc. Islam removed discrimination and emphasized equality and the rights of all people.

This beloved country is built on Islam, which is against ignorant traditions of discriminating against people. In front of Almighty God, we are all equal.

The Attorney General confirmed this in a recent statement when he said that 11 princes had been arrested for protesting in front of the Qasr Al-Hukm Palace in Riyadh over the government’s decision to stop paying for the power and water bills of princes. The princes had also been calling for compensation for the execution of a prince last year who was convicted of murder. Although the princes were informed about the consequences of what they were doing, they continued their protest. As a result, they were arrested and referred to Al-Hayer prison pending trial.

From this, we can understand that we are living in a totally different age. We are all now treated equally by the law. Whoever does not follow the law will face the consequences no matter who he or she may be. We are living in a time when there is no discrimination.

It is also proof that the Saudi era is unique. We now have serious laws that are imposed on everyone without exception. No one is any longer capable of ignoring the laws of this country.