‘Hybrids’ – A Solo Exhibition By Bahraini Artist Rashid Al Khalifa


Saudi Gazette

Hybrids, a solo exhibition by Bahraini artist Rashid Al Khalifa will be held at Ayyam Gallery, in Dubai’s Alserkal Avenue starting from 20 January until 10 March. Hybrids will present a selection of wall-mounted installations from six different series dating from 2010 to 2017.

“I am so grateful for the opportunity to hold this solo exhibition at Ayyam Gallery, Dubai. Dubai is one of the most important destinations attracting many artists, pioneers and innovators, not only in the art industry but also in various sectors. I was very keen to accept the invitation to hold this exhibition in which I will present some of my work reflecting my artistic experience over the last 10 years,” Al Khalifa told Saudi Gazette. He said the exhibition will present the concept of hybrids through an approach that reflects my personal reading of the rich origins of beauty, and how this opens doors for every artist to be more creative and innovative. “I will present twenty works of art, including paintings and sculptures, in which I use solid industrial materials and sometimes unusual materials, such as aluminum sheets cut and painted with industrial colors to be presented as a piece of art. These works are the product of a number of attempts and experiments, which are still ongoing because they stem from an inexhaustible sense of challenge. I believe that the obsession with challenge is an attribute of every artist, professional or novice, as it motivates him to be innovative and creative every time he has an opportunity to present his works. Hence, every work of art I present is an addition to me personally and an opportunity to raise the bar of challenge. I believe that this is the best way to continue to develop and create more works of art,” he added.

Al Khalifa has experimented with various painting styles, including Realism, Impressionism, and Individualism. In his recent works, he turned to Abstraction and Colour Field. Al Khalifa’s installations are ‘hybrids’ of painting and sculpture, where he has experimented with three-dimensionality using aluminum, stainless steel, and other mediums.

Al Khalifa was the first president of the Bahrain Arts Society and currently holds the title of Honorary President.

Website www.rashidalkhalifa.me

Instagram www.instagram.com/rashid_khalifa