Why Juice Master Jeddah Can Help Change Your Life

If you can’t eat fruits and vegetables- drink them!


Saudi Gazette

You have to thank the young Saudi entrepreneurs personally, who have brought the best selling author and nutritionist Jason Vale’s brainchild ‘Juice Master’ to Jeddah. If you are lucky, you can do so while they whip you up extraordinary health facts with a scrumptious drink at their new spot at Al Baterjee Street in Jeddah.

“We want to improve Saudi health and help the market grow and improve,” Ahmed AlGhamdi, Partner and General Manager at Juice Master Jeddah, said in between a busy workshop for children. AlGhamdi said he enjoys working with young children who are more open to trying new ideas. “Regularly those from two to four years of age are open to trying new combinations and often ask for more, but after five they become a bit reluctant,” he explained. During the workshop, AlGhamdi explained the benefits of several fruits and vegetables to curious young schoolgirls who gathered around a range of juicers to create a variety of juices. “Your body is a filter. It absorbs all the nutrients and gets rid of the waste. All I ask you to do is to start having a glass of juice every day. It’s going to help your hair, skin and overall health as you grow older,” he explained to a group of amused faces.

Unconventional in many ways, Juice Master Jeddah relies solely on its promise of good health. Unlike many other juice shops in the city, they do not use any sugar or additives in their juices or smoothies. They also participate in awareness campaigns, visit schools and conduct workshops for children.

The concept of Juice Master Jeddah is based on creating and promoting a healthy lifestyle as opposed to being a health trend or a new juice shop on the block. “We have a shortage of it here and room to grow. We aren’t here to tell people to buy from us. In fact I encourage them to do this at home if they don’t have the time to pass by. For those always on the run, we encourage them to grab a juice and incorporate that in their daily lives,” AlGhamdi explained while handing out their brochure. Juice Master offers a detox and juice cleanse program that starts from three and can go up to twenty-one days. “This involves juices, you can choose whichever you like and substitute it with a meal. So you have one for breakfast, lunch and dinner.” You can even have smoothies with wheatgrass powder, cashew butter and other important nutrients for your body when you’re doing the 21-day program.

“But this is not a weight loss program,” he pointed out. Leaving no room for any further conjecture or misconceptions, he said one has to exercise and maintain a healthy diet and know that ‘this is just to detox’. AlGhamdi, a health enthusiast himself, applauded the country’s efforts to improving health standards for children. “I am glad they raised the prices of soft drinks and that they regulated what’s being sold in school cafeterias so kids don’t have it. Some of my friends who are in their early 20’s developed type-two diabetes. That’s a really young age. It is because of their eating habits, such as having a soft drink and soda with every meal. Obesity, cholesterol and diabetes are so common now. We need to change that,” he told Saudi Gazette.

Discussing how the Juice Master can help health and fitness in the country, AlGhamdi held the unhealthy lifestyle responsible. “Eating junk regularly and at late hours like 11 pm is just wrong. Sure it happens once in a while but it cannot be your daily routine. I do think people are more aware now and hope it catches on.”

He participates in the seven-day detox once a year to avail its benefits. “It is hard initially, you may have a headache or the urge to chew. So till the third day it may be hard but the sixth and seventh day- is exactly where you want to be. It is a great feeling. Especially afterwards because you have the option to eat anything but you choose what you put into your body, post the cleanse.”

Benefits Of Juicing & Detoxing

You sleep better.

You feel better and refreshed afterwards.

You don’t wake up craving coffee, which is considered a toxin.

You feel tuned in with your surroundings and energy.

Juicing is great for people who have diabetes and other severe health problems.

Medina Manderola, a local health coach and nutritionist, who was also present at the workshop along with a few mothers in attendance, said she was trying out the 21-day detox program. “It really makes a difference. It can be hard initially but now I am really enjoying it. My skin is glowing, I am more aware and sensitive, being able to feel people’s energy and just in a good place,” she told Saudi Gazette. As a personal trainer herself, she said the juice diet helps her overall fitness. “I go for runs and document my journey on my Instagram (@manderola.ksa) page.” With over 20 years of experience in health, nutrition and his favorite field- juicing, Jason’s diet plans have helped many achieve their health goals. Find out more about Jason Vale, his secret juicing diets and recipes at www.JasonValeOfficial.com

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