Best Harvest — leading distributor of a wide range of products


BEST Harvest Trading Co. Ltd. was established in Saudi Arabia in 1992 as a trading and distribution company and is one of the leading distributors in KSA having distributorship of wide range of products.

Its products include American Garden, Ronzoni, Daimond Foil, Dalda Pure Vegetable Ghee, Minara Sunflower oil, Star Juices, Hi-Tea Indian Premium Tea, Glenda & Amara Biscuits, Mammy Noodles, Al Areesh & Artic Gold frozen products. It is set to add other new range of products to its portfolio soon.

The company is growing very fast under the leadership of Khalid Ali (CEO-Gulf International / Best Harvest-KSA ). The company has a distribution network across the country and is committed to high level of services to our customers with high quality products.

Dalda has been a household name for generations. The brand — a market leader when it comes to vanaspati, also boasts of a range of refined oils — the Dalda Cooking Oil. Dalda understands that in addition to regular exercise, eating healthy plays an essential role in staying fit — now and always. At the same time, what you eat must also please your taste buds. Hence, all our products are manufactured keeping in mind both these factors, thus creating the perfect combination of health and taste.

Dalda was actually the name of the Dutch company that imported vanaspati ghee into India in the 1930s as a cheap substitute for desi ghee or clarified butter, prepared from cow’s milk. Ghee was an expensive product and something that was used sparingly in Indian households — over weekends or when preparing a delicacy or a dessert. Vanaspati ghee, on the other hand, was a type of vegetable shortening made up of hydrogenated or highly saturated vegetable oil and made to mimic desi ghee.

Lever Brothers, now Unilever (Hindustan Unilever in India), the maker of home and personal care products had already entered food production by the early 20th century in Europe and was looking to produce vanaspati ghee in India. It had also incorporated a company called Hindustan Vanaspati Manufacturing Company in 1931 for the purpose.

Sensing an opportunity to make inroads into the domestic vanaspati ghee market, Lever bought the rights to make Dada in India. There was one pre-condition to the sale: The name Dada had to be retained. Of course, Lever thought otherwise. Its stamp of ownership had to be there somewhere on the product. So the astute consumer goods marketer came up with a solution: The letter L standing for Lever was put right in the middle. Thus, was born Dalda, which was introduced in 1937.

An exceptional blend of high quality teas

Best Harvest’s other leading brand is Hi-Tea. Hi-Tea is an exceptional blend of high quality teas. Envisaging huge growth and opportunities, Al-Gayathri have invested in specialized production facilities, state-of-the-art-machinery and ventured into new markets through new brands and products.

Due to the Vision to utilize new technology develop new products and grow internationally, Al-Gayathri is now a leading name in tea blending, processing and exports with quality and reliability as the watchwords.

Hi-Tea, the brand name for quality tea products from Al Gayathri, comes in an assortment of blends and flavors including Assam-Nilgiri-Darjeeling tea, herbal tea, organic tea, green tea, iced-tea and flavored tea and is available in packets, tea bags, pet bottles as well as bulk cartons.

Hi-Tea products are made from tea specially chosen from the lush green plantations in the high ranges of Kerala, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu as well as procuring premium quality tea through auctions in Coonor, Coimbatore, Calcutta, Siliguri and Guwahati. The location of the manufacturing and packaging plants at Cochin gives easy access to the main tea plantations in southern Kerala. The presence of the Kochi port, which handles the major chunk of tea exports from India, gives us the advantage of quick turnaround at lesser transit time.

Al Gayathri is led by Mohan Nair, chairman and managing director. And the company says, “We utilize the best infrastructure facilities, technologically advanced machinery and the experience of our highly skilled personnel to meet international quality standards. Our expert R&D team ensures that every product from Hi-Tea is on par with the high expectations of our customers. Through continuous research and development we have been able to improve and develop new and exciting blends of tea and bringing variety to the avid tea-lovers from around the world.”

Over the years, Hi-Tea has achieved a reputation as one of the top exporters of international quality tea in India. Its greatest achievements include being chosen for the Top Exporter Award in the Agro Product sector among Cochin Special Economic Zone (CSEZ) companies. — SG