Six Pirelli tires for Lamborghini Urus

Maximum performance by P Zero; A sporting drive by P Zero Corsa; Great control guaranteed by Scorpion

PIRELLI will provide six tires for Lamborghini’s new Urus. The range of tires goes from 21 to 23 inches, created by Pirelli to best highlight the different functionalities and driving experiences offered by Lamborghini’s first Super SUV.

For such an extreme car, which can go from 0-100kph in 3.6 seconds and from 0-200kph in 12.8 seconds, with a maximum speed of 305kph, Pirelli could clearly not develop just a single tire.

Depending on the style and driving mode selected, Pirelli has provided Urus drivers with three families of product: P Zero for lovers of performance, P Zero Corsa for those seeking on-track adrenaline, and Scorpion for those who favor more adventurous driving, off-road as well (this family of tires, designed for the most extreme use, is available not only in standard version, but also in Winter and All Season, with a dedicated All Terrain product as well).

So, there are six different types of tire in total, reflecting every facet of the soul of the world’s fastest SUV (snow, gravel, sand, sport, racing and road) but all capable of combining functionality with a sporting drive.

The most important technical challenge that was overcome by Pirelli’s engineers with the new Urus was that of creating a tire that could cope with often contrasting demands, such as grip, traction on snow, resistance to lacerations during off-road driving, and resistance to wear.

The result is a tire that’s extremely quick on track, but also versatile when it comes to snow or gravel. All that without compromising on comfort, which is naturally one of the most important attributes that an SUV should offer.

Pirelli’s development work concentrated in particular on compound and tread pattern design, which were designed to offer maximum grip as well as optimal flexibility to cope with rapidly changing demands.

Through creating a more open pattern by leaving out some tread blocks, for example, the tire is able to guarantee perfect handling off-road on gravel, while offering excellent dry and wet handling to tackle more conventional surfaces in complete safety.

So, Pirelli offers Urus owners a variety of choices aimed at balancing versatility of use with the specific performance offered by each family of products.

In other words, those who predominantly favor off-road use can also rely on safe performance on roads that are less extreme, or affected by snow or rain.

Conversely, those love the thrill of on-track performance will not have the car’s handling on wet and dry surfaces compromised in the urban environment.

Versatility: this is the key element of the Pirelli tires dedicated to the new model that has revolutionized the SUV market. — SG