Who will support private sector employees?



Royal decrees have recently been issued to support many people struggling with the new economic steps that have been taken, such as the introduction of Value Added Tax (VAT) and the increase in the price of petrol and electricity.

We are aware that some private companies are going to raise the salaries of their employees in the way that government salaries have been increased. There are, however, some private companies that will not raise their employees’ salaries or do anything to support them. This is either due to the financial difficulties these companies are experiencing or due to their owners not caring about their employees.

There is no law to penalize them if they do not raise salaries. There is, on the other hand, no law to reward companies who care for employees and have raised salaries.

As a result, I believe that our country should think of some way to encourage private institutions to reward their employees, especially companies and institutions associated with governmental projects and institutions. There are many suggestions that can be implemented, such as exempting companies that support their employees from certain taxes.

Employees, regardless of whether they work in governmental institutions or private companies, all belong to this country. Consequently, it is also their right to be supported, whether directly or indirectly, by private companies to help them adapt to the new economic system.