Luminarium comes to Kingdom for the first time


Saudi Gazette

— Luminarium world of light and color festival showcased international activities, spreading joy and amusement to the families of Jeddah at Ribal Events Land. It will be open until Jan. 20.

The festival showcased a wide variety of distinctive activities for the whole family such as: the Luminarium, theatrical live performances, color adventures, art station and many games for kids.

The Luminarium is an architectural dome built in Jeddah on the lines of Islamic architecture to represent the local culture, and inside the dome various lights are displayed to calm music.

The Luminarium is a vibrant activity that has passed through 40 countries around the globe and it has been seen by more than three million people.

John Owens, exhibition manager of the Luminarium from Architects of Air company, emphasized: “The designer of the Luminarium is Alan Parkenson, who lives in France. Each of our Luminariums is built by hand in our workshop in England, and each takes months to build with every piece of plastic brought together. It is accessible for all ages from the smallest baby to the oldest person and we encourage everyone to come and visit the Luninarium.”

The festival also gave opportunity to productive families, artists, food trucks, musicians and entrepreneurs by providing a platform to showcase their talents, and new products.

Abir AbuSulayman, supervisor of the community service team at Luminarium festival, emphasized: “The community service team comprises girls who volunteered from several universities, and their job is to serve the community, help children and escort families.”

Joud Trabishi, who volunteered for the community service team, noted: “This festival is well organized and the number of visitors is increasing every day. This festival is different from the others because of the Luminarium and the unique coloring activity. I have benefited by volunteering here and learning about community service and building more relations.”